ovaltine sandwiches

Thursday, April 09, 2009

maundy thursday

It has already been a week and a day since I've returned.  So many learnings, discoveries, friends, etc., etc.

I've been trying to adjust to reality again, and it's not so easy.  Lately, I've been coping by bouncing from Facebook to Multiply, and trying to get some work done in between.  Glued all the travel mementos on my journal (my way of jumpstarting the reality check), scrubbed all my travel bags clean, and stored them away.  The only thing left to do is upload the Finland, Estonia, and Santorini photos on Multiply...but really, do I need to?  We'll see later.

My goal today is to write (for personal fulfillment, not work) some more, possibly hit the stationary bike, and to basically make muni-muni.

A peaceful holy week to everyone!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

yeah nodame!

Finished watching all the episodes of nodame cantabile (including the 2-part special)!  It made me want to study piano again.

Honestly, I could relate to the character (though I don't play half as good as her--hay, maski 1/8 as good as her) 'coz I hated reading notes.  Super hated it.  So I ended up memorizing the pieces and playing them by ear.  My piano teacher was too lax (she'd fall asleep in the middle of the lesson) and allowed me to put the notes' names (do, re, mi...) on the sheet, instead of sight-reading them.  Oh well, I can't put all the blame on her.  I was just too lazy too.

But I studied piano for 6 years and had 3 or 4 recitals.  I quit when I entered highschool because I'd grown tired of it.  

Watching Nodame made me want to learn the classical pieces, instead of constantly playing my own (so basic) renditions of Boys Don't Cry or Whatever Possessed You.  On a musical high!

yoga bear

thank goodness for yoga.

i suck at some poses, but i think it has helped me to relax, especially in times of stress.  i love the meditation part; it teaches me to be quiet and still for even just a few minutes.  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the super truth is...

going to europe is something i feel that i have to do more than what i want to do.  ain't that weird?  it's just that it's been written in my "dream notebook" for so long that i think it's time to cross it out.  

the super truth is that it's more comfy to stay here and bask in the engagement season, and just work hard to fatten up that wedding bank account (instead of giving up rakets when i'm away).  and of course, to see spanks most of the time.  (the e-heads' "fine time" is playing in my head).

but here's the deal: if i don't go now, my future self is gonna hate me for it.  and the present conditions are favorable--i'm not married yet, my travel buddy has european contacts whom we can live with, and i've got cash to spend (for the trip, that is.  once i get back, i'll be starting from scratch).  honestly, up until the visa interview, i was more than willing to just let go of the trip if things went awry.  but it didn't; the interview was effortless...so i'm taking it as a sign that i should go.

so anyway, now that i'm going, i'm focusing on the good energy.  live in each moment as best as i can.  because it doesn't matter where i am, what's important is that i rejoice in the opportunities given to me.  maybe i need this; i don't want it right now, but maybe it's what i need.  

as my philo teacher said: kailangan nating umalis para makabalik.  i'm looking forward to coming home. 

in other news, it was my highschool prom 17 years ago.  gawd, that's equivalent to a whole, new high school student, currently experiencing his/her own prom.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

posting the result

my schengen visa was approved.

of course, thanks to jayhoho, who preceded me in the interview, and told the consul that I was traveling with him.  thanks to his past numerous schengen visas and impressive travel record.

I was called into the office after him, and this was what happened in my interview:

CONSUL: Good morning!
ME: Uhh...good morning.
CONSUL: (looking at my certificate of employment) So you work in a kids' show?
ME: Uhh...yes.
CONSUL: Ok, I talked to your friend already.  You requested for a 30-day visa; I'm giving you 40 days.  That's it.  You may go.
ME: (Huh?) Uhhh...ok!  Thank you!  Have a nice day! (exit the room, grinning from ear to ear)

now, we busy ourselves squeezing in work while preparing everything before march 3.  thanks, universe!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one day at a time

i'm trying not to hold my breath for this possibly wonderful but challenging personal event this march.  whatever the result, i promise to post about it.  i am just so thankful for other people's support, love,  and understanding.  in the meantime, i shall have to remember to breathe in...and to breathe out.

yesterday, had fun cleaning the pad with s.  i concentrated on the bathroom, scrubbing the sink, tiles, toilet and other fixtures as hard as i could.  but some stains were just too tough.  i'm no cleaning expert, but sometimes, i do enjoy cleaning.  it clears the mind, and i feel so zen (whatever that means).

after all that hard work, there's no sweeter reward than taking a shower in the bathroom you've cleaned yourself.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


yuck, sumisilip yung ngipin ko sa bibig.  tsk, panira.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


ang daming fears.  or maybe it's because i'm in the PMS stage.  

tried yoga for the first time last saturday, and it left me feeling calm, aware...and a bit more confused.  i really shouldn't make decisions when i'm about to have my period.