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Thursday, April 09, 2009

maundy thursday

It has already been a week and a day since I've returned.  So many learnings, discoveries, friends, etc., etc.

I've been trying to adjust to reality again, and it's not so easy.  Lately, I've been coping by bouncing from Facebook to Multiply, and trying to get some work done in between.  Glued all the travel mementos on my journal (my way of jumpstarting the reality check), scrubbed all my travel bags clean, and stored them away.  The only thing left to do is upload the Finland, Estonia, and Santorini photos on Multiply...but really, do I need to?  We'll see later.

My goal today is to write (for personal fulfillment, not work) some more, possibly hit the stationary bike, and to basically make muni-muni.

A peaceful holy week to everyone!


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