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Monday, November 22, 2004


Last week, for almost the entire week, I was plagued with fever which literally gave me the chills. At 12 noon, while the sun was high and mighty, I was huddled at the corner of my room, in pajamas, zip-up jacket, socks, and covered in a blanket. And I was still shivering. It turned out I had a relapse of tonsilitis and a touch of UTI.

Yesterday was the first day I didn't have a fever. Oh, joyous day! But admittedly, I still felt weak and I had to lie down every so often.

But I realize that I get bored easily. So I've begun wrapping mom's gifts--though the breaks are longer than the actual work 'coz I also get tired easily.

It's easy to blame the sickness on the job. After all, I don't like the job. And I really think it stressed me out. But I also blame my "Go, go, go!" spirit. Like I said, this was a relapse. I had tonsilitis probably a month ago, the same time I had my 2-week cough. But I chose to ignore it. I still played badminton, attended late-night parties, and went full-force in my job.

So now, I know better, especially regarding my job. I just hope I'll remember to apply what I've learned and found out. And these are:

1. Delegate, delegate, delegate.
2. Do what you have to do then rest.
3. You don't have to answer every job-related text or call.
4. Train people to figure out things on their own.
5. This is not a one-woman show. (And I am not that woman.)
6. Say you can't do it when you can't (or don't want to) do it.
7. It's ok to screw up once in a while.

Because this job ain't worth my health.


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