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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Pixie Trixie

(photo from this site)

Oh, how I miss my Trixie Belden books! My mom gave most of my copies on my 11th birthday (one was given by my grade school best bud, Michelle from whom I've heard about the book) and I've read and re-read them since. But adulthood got in the way and I saw these mystery novels as dust-gatherers, and after leaving 5 and up, I donated them to the Museo Pambata traveling library. Oh well, it's all for a good cause. I hope kids are enjoying the books as much as I did.

Last week in BookSale, I chanced upon a copy which I haven't read, and I immediately bought it for just 35 pesos. I plan to rebuild my collection and pass them on to my kids (or the kid in me).

If you haven't heard of Trixie Belden, just trust me on this one: she's way more interesting and dimensional than Nancy Drew. I've just finished the book and it sent me on a googling frenzy for Trixie-- hence, the above photo.

She's spunky, tomboyish, hot-headed and intuitive-- all in a blond, short curly-haired, blue-eyed package of a thirteen year old. Not bad for a female character written in the male-dominated 1940s.


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