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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OA ang lamig therefore OA din ang pagka-lamigin ko

So I go to bed wearing jogging pants, a thickish shirt inside a thickish jacket zipped up to my chin, hood over my head. Magkukumot pa ako n'yan ha. OA talaga. Ganyan naman ako palagi. Even in air-conditioned rooms na pinagpapawisan ang mga kasama ko, nakajacket na kaagad ako. So I never leave home without my ja-quet.

Hay, global warming.
Maraming beses na ko tumitingin sa computer screen and find the words fuzzy. Syempre first reaction ko is to blame it on the screen but then I realize na bago pala yung monitor ko. Same thing happens to me with Spanky's computer. Does that mean lumalabo na yung paningin ko?

Sometimes, I catch myself holding a book just inches from my face. Whoa, lola. Pero I'll be in denial as long as possible. I don't want to wear glasses until I'm 40.
Anyway, for those who want to put their writing powers to the test, why not join the Canvas 2007 storywriting contest? Your story should be based on this painting by John Santos (a promising artist, not the comedian).

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Cute yung concept 'di ba? Mauuna yung illustration kaysa yung story. Check out this site for details. Sumali ako last year at aliw yung mga iba't ibang kuwentong nabuo from a painting. Give it a shot! You only have to e-mail your piece. Grand prize is 30k! Think of all the books you can buy...and then some :-)


  • i can so relate sa lamig! kulang nalang mag-medyas na rin ako pagtulog. at lalong nananakit ang mga tuhod ko, anak ng...

    ika nga ni daddy dearest, "it's the siberian winds".

    hope you're well!

    By Blogger cyberlaundry, At 9:33 AM  

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