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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Asians rule!

Finally finished watching Dalja's spring today. Talk about a DVD Marathon. My dad was kind enough to let me hog the TV the whole day though I knew he was itching to watch Lakbay TV(he loves that channel.) I put off work until the very last minute 'coz I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I hadn't finished the whole thing.

Sooooo after watching, I just had to surf the net and read reviews AND it was nice to see that a good mix of Asians watch these dramas. On the above-mentioned Koreanovela--Singaporeans, Vietnamese and of course, Koreans, commented on the show. I felt so proud to be Asian. :-)

This reminds me of a trip to China a few years ago with friends for the Kunming Film Festival. After one of the screenings, we joined a group of Asian filmmakers for dinner. It was so much fun to converse with our Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese friends. It was so funny because the Indonesian kept saying that me and my friends looked like Indonesians. In turn, we kept telling her she looked Filipino. I felt this Asian connection and it was quite a high. Oh, and I loved how we all ate rice. :-)


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